9 November, 2019 10:07

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Have a Super Recycling Christmas


The new enhanced recycling service in West Devon, comes into action on Monday 2 December, just in time for Christmas. To help residents recycle more this Christmas, West Devon Borough Council have issued specific recycling guidance on all your Christmas essentials.

From mince pies cases, to advent calendars, crackers and wrapping paper, West Devon Borough Council want their residents to be armed with a simple ‘how to list’ for recycling this year.… Read on

30 October, 2019 16:14

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Broadwoodkelly Parish Council

Minutes of the Broadwoodkelly Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday September 24th 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs R. Gant, Mrs. B. Cook, J Clark, A Penny, D. Reed and Mrs C. Brook.

Councillor Barry Ratcliffe, Borough Councillor for the Exbourne Ward, was present.

There were no members of the public present.

1. To receive apologies for absence and consider if the reason for the absence should be approved by the council.Read on

29 September, 2019 11:29

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Become a Super Recycler and Recycle More for West Devon

Thursday 26th September

From December this year, West Devon Borough Council will be introducing an improved recycling service with its partner FCC Environment, so that every household can recycle more.

Recycling more and throwing away less reduces the impact on the environment because less energy is used producing new materials and we can make the best use of our resources.

Read on
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