22 January, 2020 20:35

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Broadwoodkelly Parish Council

Minutes of the Broadwoodkelly Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday January 15th 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Councillor R. Heggadon (Chairman), Councillor Mrs. C. Brook, Councillor D. Reed, Councillor Mrs. B. Cook, Councillor R. Gant and Councillor A. Penny.

There were 14 members of the public present.

1. To receive apologies for absence and consider if the reason for the absence should be approved by the council.

Councillor Jon Clark had sent his apologies. He is the applicant and would be unable to take part in the meeting.

2. To receive any declarations of Interest from members:

Councillors are reminded to declare any personal or prejudicial interest they may have in any agenda item

None of the councillors present had an interest to declare. No dispensations were sought.

2.1 The parish council has delegated the power of granting dispensations to the clerk

2.2 To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)

2.3 To grant any requests for dispensations as appropriate.


3.1 Applic No. 4033/19/FUL – Land at SX 614 105, Adjacent to Highcroft, Broadwoodkelly –

Construction of five new dwellings with associated parking and infrastructure.

The Borough Councillor, Barry Ratcliffe, is attending the meeting, but may arrive late as he has to attend a meeting in North Tawton

The chairman asked the members of the public if they had any comments to make.

An email from James Whitehead was read out – he is objecting to it because it is a large development in close proximity to Mousehole Cottage, which is a listed building.

A number of members of the public then put forward their objections:

– The site is in open countryside and outside the settlement boundary. It would have a negative impact on a listed building and will ruin the tranquillity of the area. There are no services in the village or within easy reach by cycling or walking.

– Unhappy that no consultation was held prior to the application being submitted. It is outside the settlement boundary and is a huge development for a village the size of Broadwoodkelly. The dwellings will be overbearing and of an urban design. The dwellings opposite the site will be overlooked. There will be extra traffic with the new developments. There are no street lights in this vicinity and there will be an increase in carbon with the extra traffic. It fails to meet the objectives set out in strategic objective S09 and S10.

– The houses are not in keeping with a village of this size. There is a public right of way in close proximity and it is against the aims of the planning policy guidelines.

– Has the need for new housing been demonstrated? There are three properties in a recent development on the market as well as other properties in the village so don’t feel that there is a need for them.

– If building is allowed on this site now then more will follow and Broadwoodkelly could end up with a housing estate there.

– There is no infrastructure in the village to support the development.

– One member of the public who has already written to West Devon Borough Council and is horrified by the development.

– It is agricultural land and if this type of land can be developed on then it opens up further land for development.

The chairman advised those present to write individually to West Devon Borough Council with their concerns.

The chairman asked the parish councillors for their opinions. There were two with a neutral view and four who objected so the clerk was asked to submit a comment objecting to the application.

A member of the public asked that if the planning officer is thinking of approving the application that the parish council ask the Borough Councillor to take it to committee and not allow it to be decided by delegated powers.

Barry Ratcliffe, Borough Councillor for the Exbourne Ward, arrived.

He hasn’t received any comments from the planner dealing with the application, but this is the beginning of the process. The planning officer will prepare a report, once the deadline for comments has passed, and send to him. If the planning officer is wishing to grant it consent then he has the option to take it to the full planning committee. Here the applicant will be able to speak, someone from the parish council and other interested parties. An appeal can be made to the Secretary of State

A member of the public asked him if he had heard that if the application was refused then WDBC would purchase it for affordable housing. Councillor Ratcliffe stated he had not heard this.

He was informed that a number of very eloquent points were made prior to his arrival

Further information has been requested. A sight line is shown going through the Devon bank, but it is not clear on the plans how this visibility is to be achieved.

It was mentioned that the Local plan states Broadwoodkelly could support the development of 10 dwellings, but since 2014 15/16 have been built.

Councillor Ratcliffe stated the village doesn’t have a neighbourhood plan, which when adopted supersedes the Local Plan.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.55pm