5 January, 2020 11:46

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Broadwoodkelly Parish Council
Council Meeting of Broadwoodkelly Parish Council

To the Chairman Mr R. Heggadon and all other members of Broadwoodkelly Parish Council.
You are summoned to the Meeting of Broadwoodkelly Parish Council on Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 7.30pm to be held in the Village Hall.

Members of the public and press are entitled to attend this meeting. However, where an item is deemed confidential any members of the public will be excluded from this part of the meeting. Members of the public are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on agenda items or any other issues they may wish to raise. Each member of the public will be given three minutes in which to express their views.

This meeting has been convened to discuss a planning application. The comment is required prior to the regular meeting due to be held on January 28th 2020.
1. To receive apologies for absence and consider if the reason for the absence should be approved by the council.
2. To receive any declarations of Interest from members: Councillors are reminded to declare any personal or prejudicial interest they may have in any agenda item
2.1 The parish council has delegated the power of granting dispensations to the clerk
2.2 To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
2.3 To grant any requests for dispensations as appropriate.
3. PLANNING 3.1 Applic No. 4033/19/FUL – Land at SX 614 105, Adjacent to Highcroft, Broadwoodkelly – Construction of five new dwellings with associated parking and infrastructure.

Dated this 2nd day of January 2020