26 February, 2020 20:49

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Broadwoodkelly Parish Council

Minutes of the Broadwoodkelly Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday January 28th 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs R. Heggadon (Chairman), Mrs. B. Cook, J Clark, A Penny and D. Reed.

Councillor Barry Ratcliffe, Borough Councillor for the Exbourne Ward, was present.

There were no members of the public present.

1. To receive apologies for absence and consider if the reason for the absence should be approved by the council.

Councillor R. Gant had sent his apologies because he is away and Councillor Mrs. C. Brook had sent her apologies because of work commitments. These apologies were accepted.

2. To receive any Declarations of Interest from Members:

Councillors are reminded to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have in any agenda item.

Councillor Penny declared an interest in item 8 c as he is a member of the PCC and Councillor Reed declared an interest in item 9 a as he knows the applicant.

1. The parish council has delegated the power of granting dispensations to the clerk

2. To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)

There were no requests.

3. To grant any requests for dispensations as appropriate

3. To receive and approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 26th November 2019 and 15th January 2020.

Councillor Mrs Cook proposed that both minutes be signed as a correct record. This was seconded by Councillor Penny and agreed by all. The chairman signed the minutes.

5 Public Participation there were no members of the public present.

6. Report by Borough Councillor Councillor Ratcliffe stated that WDBC had today sent out

letters informing parishes there is to be an increase in the cost of removing dog waste.

Pamphlets are going out informing residents about the next stage of the recycling scheme.

There was a serious incident in North Tawton that happened last Sunday. A group of people

were harassed at 1.00 am. The police have been informed and are dealing with it.

7. Past Subject Matters for further discussion:

a. [7.a] Parish Website Councillor Cook reported the website had 166 hits last week because of village week. All 20 games were sold. She would like to tidy up the parish council page, but there will be a cost involved.

Always want new news to put on the website and they are considering having a feedback page.

The clerk apologised to Councillor Cook, who had emailed an invoice for website costs well in advance of the meeting, stating she had overlooked putting the item on the website, but it will be included in the meeting.

b. [7.b] Devon Air Ambulance Trust Community Landing Site. The chairman has nothing further to report.

c. [7.c] Areas of highway requiring work to utilise TAP fund money Councillor Clark stated the contractor had been around and sucked out some of the drains, but not all of them (i.e. those that needed doing). Blocked drains can be reported on the Devon County Council website.

d. [7.d] Update on grit bin Councillor Reed stated that he and Councillor Clark hope to

install the grit bin at Winkleigh Fourways on Thursday morning at 9am

e. [7.f] Dog Fouling there are no issues at the moment.

f. [7.g] Purchase of new notice board the new notice board is working well. This item can

now be removed from the agenda.

g. [8.c] Update on TPO the clerk asked the Borough Councillor for the contact details for

the landscape officer as she hasnt followed this up yet.

h. [8.e] Sports 4 All Ages proposed community sports centre for North Tawton. This was

discussed and it was agreed a letter of support should be sent.

8. Clerks report and correspondence received:

The following correspondence is contained within the Councillors folder:

a Request from councillors to attend New Councillor Training waiting for new dates to

be released for training at Okehampton.

b. Clerks and Councils Direct the clerk will peruse.

c. Letter from Broadwoodkelly PCC asking for a grant to assist with the maintenance of the


Councillor Penny left the meeting.

This was discussed. Councillor Reed proposed that the council make a donation of £200.

This was seconded by Councillor Mrs Cook and agreed by all.

Councillor Penny returned to the meeting. He was asked about the financial situation of

the church and he did give the council a brief synopsis.

d. Delegations Councillor Penny felt the council ought to have some delegated authorities.

The clerk will circulate the document and it can be discussed at the next meeting.

e. Letter from Citizens Advice thanking the parish council for the donation the letter was

read out by the clerk.

f. Signatures on electronic version of the Register of Interests the clerk has emailed the

Registers of Interest to Councillor Cook again so the signatures can be redacted.

9. Planning:

a. Application no 4202/19/VAR The Barn, Ingleigh Green, Broadwoodkelly application for variation of condition 2 of planning consents 1540/18/COU. Discuss at meeting.

Councillor Reed left the meeting. Councillors had viewed the application online. Councillor Cook had received some negative feedback. A vote was taken there was one objection, one support and two neutral views. The clerk requested to submit a neutral view.

b. Application No. 3621/19/FUL Lewersland Farm, Broadwoodkelly conversion of redundant barn to dwelling. Granted conditional approval.

10. Finance:

a. Invoice from clerk for wages/expenses – £129.12

It was proposed by Councillor Reed that this invoice be paid. This was seconded by Councillor Cook. A cheque was signed.

b. (overlooked by clerk) Invoice from website group for website hosting and secure certification – £120 (Councillors Penny and Cook declared an interest in this item)

It was proposed by Councillor Clark that the invoice be paid. This was seconded by Councillor Reed. A cheque was signed.

c. Interest on Business Reserve Account (Nov £1.08, Dec £1.19) – £2.27

d. Set the precept for 2020/21 the clerk had circulated some figures prior to the meeting and these were discussed. Councillor Penny stated the council reduced the precept slightly last year and still has a surplus. He proposed reducing the precept by 5%. It was unanimously agreed to request a precept of £2864 for the financial year 2020/21.

e. Balance at Bank the balance in the current account as at 31st December was £5218.64 and the balance in the Business Reserve Account as at 31 October was £6779.83. The balance in the current account does not include the cheques signed this evening.

f. A cheque for £200 (as agreed at 8.c) was signed being a donation towards the maintenance of the churchyard.

11. Matters for further reporting:

Councillor Penny asked if the Parish Council/Village Hall committee were doing anything for V.E.Day. Councillor Cook will take it back to the village hall committee. Councillor Penny didnt think the church would be doing anything.

The clerk asked if she could renew the Norton protection on the laptop. She was informed that she could.

Councillor Cook mentioned that the village hall committee are planning to improve the heating in the hall and she asked if the parish council would write a letter of support. The clerk was instructed to write a letter.

12. Confidential discussion:

11.1 Enforcement cases remain the same.

13. Date of next meeting:

March 24th 2020

There being no further business the meeting finished at 8.47 pm