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Broadwoodkelly Parish Council

Minutes of the Broadwoodkelly Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday September 24th 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs R. Gant, Mrs. B. Cook, J Clark, A Penny, D. Reed and Mrs C. Brook.

Councillor Barry Ratcliffe, Borough Councillor for the Exbourne Ward, was present.

There were no members of the public present.

1. To receive apologies for absence and consider if the reason for the absence should be approved by the council.

The Chairman, Councillor R Heggadon, had sent his apologies as he is unwell. The apology was accepted.

As the chairman was absent the Vice-Chairman Councillor Mrs B Cook took the chair.

2. To receive any Declarations of Interest from Members:

Councillors are reminded to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have in any agenda item.

There were no declarations of interest.

1. The parish council has delegated the power of granting dispensations to the clerk

2. To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)

3. To grant any requests for dispensations as appropriate

3. To receive and approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 6th August 2019.

Councillor Gant proposed that the minutes be signed as a correct record. This was seconded by Councillor Reed and agreed by all. The chairman signed the minutes.

5 Public Participation – there were no members of the public present.

6. Report by Borough Councillor – Councillor Ratcliffe was welcomed to the meeting. The

department who are responsible for waste have held a meeting. There are concerns that food waste makes up 28% of the contents of the black bag. The recycling system is going to alter next year. There will be a third bin and more items will be able to be recycled (aluminium, aerosols, margarine tubs, yogurt pots etc). The scheme is being trialled in two areas of West Devon Borough Councils next February. When the new scheme starts the black sacks will only be collected every three weeks. Being able to recycle more should reduce the amount that is put in the refuse sacks. It was pointed out that black plastic CANNOT be recycled.

7. Past Subject Matters for further discussion:

a. [7.a] Parish Website – the chairman reported that the website now gets over 150 hits per

week. There is usually a spike before an event and afterwards when people go online to

see the photos. Cllr Penny stated that at the training event he attended this afternoon

mention was made of obtaining consent from people to use the photos online and WDBC

have some forms that can be used.

b. [7.b] Devon Air Ambulance Trust – Community Landing Site. The chairman, Cllr Roger

Heggadon, was not present so bring to the next meeting.

c. [7.c] Areas of highway requiring work to utilise TAP fund money – councillors had no

areas to put forward. The road at Middlecott has been reported on the DCC website and

some work has been carried out there. It is supposed to be on the list for work when

finances allow. The clerk to keep chasing DCC for updates.

d. [7.d] Update on grit bin – Councillor Reed stated he had not been able to contact Darryl,

but the has purchased a grit bin from Glasdon. It is a 400 litre one so will not be able to be

easily removed. Cllr Reed stated he would install it at Four Cross Ways. Cllr Clark will

contact DCC and arrange for a supply of salt to fill it. The bin had cost £225.80 (incl VAT)

and the council agreed unanimously to reimburse him for the cost.

e. [7.e] Policy on how the council awards grants – Councillor Cook has sent out a revised

draft of the policy and she proposed that the council adopts it and it can then be reviewed

and alterations made if they are needed. This was unanimously agreed by all.

f. [7.f] Dog Fouling – the stickers have been received and some were distributed at the

meeting. A brief discussion took place as to how to best affix them to various materials.

g. [7.g] Purchase of new notice board – the noticeboard has been delivered and Councillor

Gant has erected it on the existing posts. Four keys came with it and these have been

distributed to Cllr Gant, Cllr Penny and Mrs J Clark. Councillor Gant stated that some

more magnets would be useful and he will purchase some.

h. [8.c] Update on TPO – the clerk hasn’t followed this up with the landscape officer.

i. [8.f] Report by Councillor Penny on the Neighbourhood Planning course he attended –

He stated it was a very interesting course and he got the impression that a council who

takes on a Neighbourhood Plan needs to be a council that takes the initiative. The course

did not actually state what is in the Local Plan. Councillor Ratcliffe stated that it is a time

consuming and expensive enterprise, but planners do use the Neighbourhood Plan to

assess applications.

There are grants available to help with some of the costs.

It was agreed to put the item on the agenda for the next meeting and then discuss

whether it is something Broadwoodkelly wishes to undertake.

j. [8.j.] Standards and Governance meeting attended by the clerk and Councillor Penny

This was an interesting meeting that covered the benefits and pitfalls of using social

media and Councillors and the Code of Conduct. The slides used at the meeting are

going to be emailed out so they can be circulated to all of the councillors.

8. Clerk’s report and correspondence received:

The following correspondence is contained within the Councillors folder:

a Request from councillors to attend New Councillor Training – waiting for new dates to

be released for training at Okehampton.

b. Email from residents regarding the state of the local roads – the residents are particularly

concerned about the state of the roads approaching Middlecott Farm from Brixton

Barton, Ingleigh Green and Broadwoodkelly. They also mention their concern regarding a

damaged bridge at the bottom of the road (Ingleigh Green to Middlecott Farm).

The condition of the road has been reported by the parish council. Some of the potholes

have been repaired, however the reply from DCC stated the location has been

highlighted as a site requiring work and this will be raised with their Asset Management

Team who will consider work here subject to funding allocation/budgets. The clerk will

Email DCC to remind them.

c. Clerks and Councils Direct – the clerk will peruse.

d. Letter from Okehampton District Community Transport Group asking for a donation

from the parish council – the councillors discussed this. Councillor Penny proposed the

sum of £50 be given, but no-one seconded the proposal. After further discussion it was

decided not to give a donation to them this year as the council was not aware of

anyone in the parish who uses the service.

Councillor Ratcliffe left the meeting. He was thanked for attending.

e. Letter from Plug-n-go regarding electric vehicle charging stations – the parish council

has no interest in this at present.

f CPRE Planning workshop for Town and Parish Councils on October 15th at Hatherleigh

Community Centre. Attendance is £10 and a councillor wishes to attend.

Councillor Gant wishes to attend. Councillor Cook proposed that the council pays the

£10 for him to attend. This was seconded by Councillor Penny. A cheque will be signed.

g. Devon County Council, Highways Parish and Town Council Conference 2019. This event if free and a councillor wishes to attend.

The event is being held on October 15th at Clinton Hall, Merton. Councillor Penny wishes to attend. The clerk has booked a place and Councillor Penny has been given his ticket.

9. Planning: there are no items of planning this time.

10. Finance:

An email had been received from WDBC on behalf of BT. They are proposing to remove some telephone boxes in the district. The telephone box in Broadwoodkelly is not mentioned as it houses the defibrillator.

Letter have been received from Citizens Advice Bureau and Villages in Action asking if the Parish Council can support their work. The clerk asked to put them on the agenda for the next meeting.

11. Confidential discussion:

11.1 Enforcement cases – remain the same

12. Date of next meeting:

November 26th 2019

There being no further business the meeting finished at 9.14 pm