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Broadwoodkelly Parish Council

Minutes of the Broadwoodkelly Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday November 26th 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs R. Heggadon (Chairman), R. Gant, Mrs. B. Cook, J Clark, A Penny and D. Reed.

Councillor Barry Ratcliffe, Borough Councillor for the Exbourne Ward, was present.

There were three members of the public present.

1. To receive apologies for absence and consider if the reason for the absence should be approved by the council.

Councillor Mrs. C. Brook had sent apologies because of work commitments. The apology was accepted.

2. To receive any Declarations of Interest from Members:

Councillors are reminded to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have in any agenda item.

Councillors Gant, Penny, Clark and Mrs Cook declared an interest in item 8 c as they are members of the village hall committee.

1. The parish council has delegated the power of granting dispensations to the clerk

2. To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)

Written requests were received from Councillor A Penny and Councillor Mrs. B Cook.

3. To grant any requests for dispensations as appropriate

The clerk granted the two dispensations.

3. To receive and approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 24th September 2019.

Councillor Mrs Cook proposed that the minutes be signed as a correct record. This was seconded by Councillor Penny and agreed by all. The chairman signed the minutes.

5 Public Participation a member of the public just wanted to remind everyone about the soup and pudding lunch at the hall.

6. Report by Borough Councillor Councillor Ratcliffe had noted there was an item about dog

fouling on the agenda. This is a problem across the Borough. They are very active in trying to

stop it, but so far there have been no prosecutions.

He asked if everyone has had their letters regarding the change in the recycling. Councillor

Mrs. Cook queried the weight of the new bags. Although they are weighted she feels that if

it is very windy they will still blow around.

7. Past Subject Matters for further discussion:

a. [7.a] Parish Website the bonfire and fireworks were held on November 16th and on the Saturday the website had 130 hits, which is an excellent result for a small parish. It was a well supported event and a lovely evening.

b. [7.b] Devon Air Ambulance Trust Community Landing Site. The chairman has nothing further to report. He will try contacting Toby again.

c. [7.c] Areas of highway requiring work to utilise TAP fund money the ditches along the road towards Colehouse are blocked, but it is thought this may be on private property. On the road between Corstone Lewersland there is a pond of water there should be a hole in the hedge to let it away.

d. [7.d] Update on grit bin Councillor Reed stated the bin has been delivered. He thinks it

would be advisable to get salt in it first and then it can be installed at Winkleigh Fourways.

Councillor Clark to request DCC supply salt and hopefully get it installed next week.

e. [7.e] Policy on how the council awards grants this has been adopted and it was agreed

this item can now be removed from the agenda.

f. [7.f] Dog Fouling certain areas are popular with dogs. The dog warden has visited

Broadwoodkelly, but it was a long time ago and no progress has been made. Councillor

Penny suggested that perhaps the parish should employ a local warden who has been

trained by the Borough Council.

g. [7.g] Purchase of new notice board the new notice board is working well. This item can

now be removed from the agenda.

h. [8.c] Update on TPO the clerk hasnt followed this up with the landscape officer.

i. [8.f] Neighbourhood Plan council to discuss whether it is something they wish to

undertake Councillor Penny stated the village has some protection as it is in a

Conservation Area, but it would get extra protection if a Neighbourhood Plan was carried

out. There are some grants available from developers S.106 helps with infrastructure.

Councillor Penny suggested that it is dropped for the time being as no-one has a burning

desire to pursue it. This was unanimously agreed.

Councillor Ratcliffe stated it is very time consuming and expensive.

j. [8.f.] CPRE Planning Workshop report by Councillor Gant who attended it was a

very good meeting. One lady commented that their District Council rejected their Plan on

a technicality. It was an interesting meeting.

k. [8.g] Devon County Council Highways Town and Parish Council conference report by

Councillor Penny who attended.

Most of it did not apply to Broadwoodkelly. There is a growing reliance with DCC fault

reporting online. They are starting a new system Highways will come around to

parishes and listen to the problems they experience.

8. Clerks report and correspondence received:

The following correspondence is contained within the Councillors folder:

a Request from councillors to attend New Councillor Training waiting for new dates to

be released for training at Okehampton.

b. Clerks and Councils Direct the clerk will peruse.

c. Letter from Broadwoodkelly Village Hall Committee asking if the parish council will

consider a donation to assist with the insurance for this years bonfire – £50.40

Councillors Gant and Clark took no part in the discussion. Councillor Penny spoke as he

had a dispensation. He felt that the event has already taken place and the request is

wrongly based. He didnt think the village hall lost out on the event.

Councillor Mrs Cook stated with the meetings being held every two months it is difficult

to get a quote in September for the event. The event raised £220 and the hall is looking

at installing a new heating system. She did see Councillor Pennys point and will

endeavour next year to get a quote for the September meeting.

The council considered the request and were in favour of donating £50.40.

d. CPRE – Newsletter and invitation to join. This was considered but the council did not

wish to join at the moment.

e. Sports 4 All Ages proposed community sports centre for North Tawton. Two open

meetings are being held (on January 21st and February 11th). Put on agenda for the next


f. Correspendence from Came and Company a letter explaining an Intra-group


g. Letter from Citizens Advice asking if the parish council would consider a donation

Cllr Mrs. Cook proposed that the parish council makes a donation. Cllr Penny proposed

that the parish council donates £50. This was seconded by Cllr Reed and agreed by all.

Cllr Penny proposed that a specific meeting is held when all grant requests are discussed

(possibly towards the end of each financial year).

h. Letter from Villages In Action seeking the support of the parish council. Cllr Penny

proposed that this does not receive a donation. This was seconded by Cllr Mrs Cook and

agreed by all.

i. Signatures on electronic version of the Register of Interests the clerk has sought advice

from the monitoring officer who has confirmed that the signatures should be redacted

unless you have consent from the individual councillor not to do so. It wasnt very clear on

the leaflet received at the training event. The clerk to send the Registers to Cllr Mrs Cook

again so she can redact the signatures.

j. Climate Change declaring a climate emergency Cllr Penny stated a number of councils

have declared a climate emergency. We could ask ourselves as individuals if there is

anything we can do as individuals.

Broadwoodkelly parish council supports the concerns regarding climate change.

Cllr Mrs. Cook stated that a ladies group she attends has invited a speaker who gives

advice on little things you can do to help the climate.

k. Council Emergency plan- Councillor Penny to report on a meeting he has attended

regarding resilience. The only things that were relevant were emergencies such as power

cuts and heavy falls of snow. Would the village hall be able to provide facilities? Everyone

looks after their neighbours anyway.

9. Planning:

a. Application no 3621/19/FUL Lewersland Farm, Broadwoodkelly conversion of redundant barn to dwelling. Discuss at meeting.

The applicant and her father were present. The council discussed the application and decided to support it.

10. Finance:

a. Received second half of the precept – £1507

b. Invoice from DALC for attendance of Councillor at Good Councillor Course – £36.00

Councillor Mrs Cook proposed that this invoice be paid. This was seconded by Councillor Reed and agreed by all.

c. Invoice from clerk for wages/expenses – £114.03

Councillor Penny proposed that this invoice be paid. This was seconded by Councillor Mrs Cook and agreed by all.

d. Interest on Business Reserve Account (Sept £1.15, Oct £1.15) – £2.30

e. Council Tax Support Grant the Hub Committee at WDBC has agreed to withdraw CTSG by 100% from 1st April 2020. A meeting of the Full Council will be held on 17th December where they will consider this recommendation. It looks likely that the CTSG will be withdrawn and to consider this when preparing the precept.

f. Cost for providing nomination papers for the recent elections – £63.22 (advisory only as no invoice has been received yet)

g. Begin discussions on setting the precept for 2020/21 this will be discussed at the next meeting.

h. Balance at Bank the balance in the current account as at 16th October was £5469.07 and the balance in the Business Reserve Account as at 31 October was £6777.56. The balance in the current account does not include the cheques signed this evening.

i. A cheque for £50.40 (as agreed at 8.c) was signed being a donation towards the Village Hall bonfire.

j. A cheque for £50 was signed as a donation towards Citizens Advice (as agreed at 8.g)

Two members of the public left the meeting.

11. Matters for further reporting:

Councillor Mrs B Cook asked Borough Councillor Ratcliffe about the letter from WDBC regarding Summerhayes. It states there is no breach, but there is no explanation. Cllr Ratcliffe stated he would speak with Reg Willing and ask how the decision was reached.

Councillor Gant stated that on the path between the village hall and Barntown Lane a stile has fallen down. He has emailed Ros Davies (P3) but she has not responded. He will try again. A tree has come down across the path between Woodcroft and Jon Clarks.

12. Confidential discussion:

11.1 Enforcement cases remain the same. Communication has been received from WDBC that investigations have been carried out at Summerhayes and no breach has been found.

13. Date of next meeting:

January 28th 2020

There being no further business the meeting finished at 9.00 pm